Market Trends

This year I had the opportunity to attend Atlanta's Market with my mom! It was such a special experience and I am so excited to share some of our favorite trends that will be big this spring! Which is your favorite?

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Natural Elements

My favorite trend of them all! It's no secret I am obsessed with all things rattan, wicker and sisal. Market did not disappoint in this area and I'm excited to see more and more vendors jumping on the "bringing the outdoors in" bandwagon! 

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Going Green

Although I do love an all white room, color is coming back to life this season and I'm digging it. Green won't be the only color you'll see this spring. Bolder colors and their pale counterparts are making a strong appearance as well. 

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Eyelash Fringe

I'm all about the details and this one doesn't disappoint! Eyelash fringe was all over the bedding and textile market! Try it out on your pillows or dare you use it in place of the welting on a chair?!

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They're a fabulous way to add texture, style and a little bit of glitz! Gold is still in and not going anywhere. Rose gold and copper are being introduced in several lines and are a great play on the ever-so-popular gold! 

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Marble has already been a popular choice for many, but you will see it start to take shape in other forms, such as lighting and accessories. 

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More Lucite

I love how you can mix this trend in with a traditional or contemporary space. Add just a little touch of it to provide a splash of glam or a dash of contemporary to keep any space feeling current. 

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Fun Shapes

Goodbye streamlined, hello fun and unusual shapes! Companies are taking their clean lines from the mid-century modern surge and letting them coexist with anything but streamlined shapes! The hexagon is an especially popular shape right now. Expect to see chairs, bookshelves, lighting and accessories all demonstrating this shape.

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Another one of my favorites. It helps tie in anything mid-century modern with pretty much anything else. A fabulous way to bring in a natural feel to your space. 

Which is your favorite trend?!