Market Trends

About a month ago I attended High Point Market. This is where all the vendors come together and showcase their new products. It’s a great place to see what design trends are coming, as a lot of the pieces have never been seen before this point. You will find inspiration through styles, colors, textures and just about anything you see. I’ve compiled the trends I saw throughout the different showrooms to give you a head start on what you’re about to see everywhere this summer!

Unique Materials

I have loved seeing people use other finishes besides white paint on their furniture selections. Grasscloth finishes are still a thing, but now we‘re seeing burl wood and olive ash used more. Or clamshell table tops rather than wood. It’s quite refreshing and gives a space a much more interesting look.

Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends
Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends2


Whether it was mixed with purple, or the only color palette, green was everywhere. It really played off the natural materials and botanicals that were also appearing everywhere.

Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends3
Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends4

Natural Materials

We are still seeing wicker and rattan used all over the place and like never before. You’ll see it used even more creatively, such as entire skirted consoles and simple, yet elegant chair details.



While this trend has also been around, it’s getting bolder and bolder. Think canary yellow velvet sofas and bold patterned pillows.

Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends5
Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends6


It wouldn’t be a complete remake of the 1970’s without florals, right? Velvet, rattan, FLORALS! Loving all the pretty patterned wallpaper and fabrics that create a bold statement.

Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends7
Kerry Spears Interiors - market trends8