Design Lingo

When you're designing a room, the last thing you need is to be confused by all of the lingo to go along with it. I'm breaking down the terms I get questions about the most often. 


Not to be confused with the term contemporary, modern refers to design from the 1920's - 1950's, also know as Mid Century Modern Design. 


This refers to the present styles, so it is ever-changing. 


Acquired surface character over time. It is most commonly used to describe metal that has oxidized and changed colors. 


Coating on furnishings creating a shiny, smooth finish. 

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Faux Shagreen

A fabricated material made to feel like the pebbled skin of sharks and rays. 


Collection of decor that reflects your personal, unique style. 


A fabric cording that goes around the edges of pillows and upholstery to give a more tailored look. 


Wood paneling along the lower half of a wall. 


Decor with Chinese motifs.